About Us

Welcome to EPOS SPACE, a leading supplier of EPOS Solutions

Welcome to EPOS SPACE, a leading supplier of EPOS Solutions to all types of businesses. At EPOS SPACE we provide a solution for business of all kinds and sizes. Our products are suitable for Fashion, Retail, Hospitality, Cash and Carry Wholesale, Pharmacies, Dry Cleaners and even Charities. 

EPOS SPACE has successfully been providing top quality, robust, reliable products to Thousands of businesses for over 20 years helping them realise and increase profits, control losses, manage staff, watch inventory and take full control through industry leading technology.

Our Products are from top suppliers and manufacturers and our solutions range from tradition EPOS Point of Sale systems to bespoke full management solutions. With over 20 years’ experience and thousands of happy customers, EPOS SPACE can provide you with the best possible solution using state of the art products and the right support to help you grow at the best possible price.

Why Us

Prepare to make your purchase with confidence

  1.  Proven technology that is modern day and will take you into the next 10 years
  2. All of our products are from top, trusted suppliers and manufacturers
  3. Guaranteed to be unbeatable on price AND quality
  4. 24 hour global support
  5. Our EPOS systems fast and reliable to suit your need
  6. Mix and match products from the best manufacturers in each category to create the perfect bunde for your business
  7. Free shipping on all items
  8. 100% Customer Satisfaction with 1000’s of customers
  9. Award winning EPOS solutions allowing you to grow your business
  10. Most of our products are out the box solutions, ready to plug & play